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        Isuzuperformance is THE company making performance and racing parts for Isuzu and Geo Storm cars. Everything they do is geared toward pure racing with quality and design second to none. As with all things, the best is not inexpensive. And availability is limited.
        If they make something that you want, and you have the kind of budget it takes to build a real race car, then beg, borrow, cheat, or steal to get their products.
      Isuzuperformance Auctions on Ebay
        Isuzuperformance makes some items available on Ebay's website.
      Isuzuperformance Auctions on Yahoo Japan Auctions
        Isuzuperofrmance makes some items available on Japan'e Yahoo Auctions website.
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    Used Auto Part
        This is the largest salvage yard parts locator on the internet. But it isn't perfect.
        Many listings are out of date, ten or more years old, for cars already crushed, parts already sold, or companies that closed down many years ago.
        Many Canadian companies list items on this website, but refuse to ship outside of Canada, so finding a large number of a desired item at a good price in Canada is usually a dead end.

    New Auto Parts

      Rock Auto
        Rock Auto usually has the lowest prices and probably has the most extensive offering of cross referenced parts for Geo Storm.
        However, many of the cross references are inaccurate. Double check the cross references, anything that shows it also fits Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, or Subaru, is probably a cross reference error. Look at the picture and see if the item matches what you are replacing. If the picture does not match, if there is no picture, or if you are not familiar with the item, be very skeptical.
        Be careful of the shipping costs. Clearance and sale items often have double or tripple the shipping charge of non sale items. Also, the shipping calculator will penalize for quantity purchases. If you want to stock up on an inexpensive item, the shipping may increase exponentially above one or two items. In these cases, it may be better to skip the sale item, or purchase things in smaller quantities on seperate orders.
        Rock Auto has discount codes you can find on the internet, they are usually worth about 1/2 the shipping cost at most.

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