Option Codes

    The Service Parts Identification Label contains a list of the equipment options as installed on the vehicle when it left the factory. This information can be valuable when ordering replacement parts which vary from vehicle to vehicle, based on which options the vehicle was originally equipped with.

    Service Parts Identification Label Location; Diagram A

    Service Parts Identification Label Location; Diagram B

    The Service Parts Identification Label for the Geo Storm is located on the spare tire cover, beneath the trunk carpetting.

    Service Parts Identification Label - 1989-1991

    Service Parts Identification Label - 1992-1993

    The factory was less than diligent in making sure that these labels contained every single option equipped on the vehicles, so do not be surprised if the list on the label lacks several, or many, of the items that the vehicle was originally equipped with.

    Option Code Table

    Option Code Option Description
    AU4 Lock Control, Side Door, Automatic (Canada)
    A31 Window, Electric Operated, Side (Export, Canada)
    B32 Mats - Front, Aux
    B33 Mats - Rear, AUX
    B37 Mats - Front & Rear, AUX
    B38 Tire - All P205/50R15/N BL R/PE ST TL HW4
    B84 Moldings - Body Side
    B1A Custom Trim Package - Interior
    B4M Custom Feature Package - Exterior
    BW2 Exterior Ornament, Body Side Molding (Canada)
    CD4 Wiper - Intermittent/Pulse
    CF3 Sun Roof - Removeable
    CF5 Sun Roof - Electric (Canada)
    CIL Port of Entry Northwest
    CIM Port of Entry Southwest
    CIN Port of Entry Northeast
    CIP Port of Entry Southeast
    C15 Intermittent Wiper
    C25 Washer & Wiper - Rear Window
    C41 HVAC System - Heater, Outside Air, With Fan
    C49 Defogger - Electric, Rear Window
    C60 HVAC System / Air Conditioning - Front Manual Controls
    DE1 Cover - Back Window
    DG1 Mirror - Right Hand, Manual, Out Side, Rear View
    DG2 Mirror, Outside, Right Hand & Left Hand, Remote Control, Electric (Canada)
    D33 Mirror - Out Side, Left Hand, Remote
    D34 Mirror - Passenger Vanity (Canada)
    D42 Rear Compartment Security Cover/Shade
    D68 Mirror - Out Side, Left Hand & Right Hand, Remote Control, Painted
    FE3 Suspension System - Front & Rear (Canada)
    FG3 Gas Filled Shock Absorber (Canada)
    F41 Suspension - Sport
    GN1 Stabalizer Bar - Rear
    JF4 Four Wheel Disc Brake (Canada)
    KO5 Heater - Engine Block
    K34 Cruise Control
    LV6 Engine - Gasoline 1.8L MPFI, DOHC (RT, RX)
    LW0 Engine - Gasoiline 1.6L MFI, DOHC, HD (RT77)
    LO1 Engine - Gasoline 1.6L MFI, SOHC (RF15, RF77)
    MM5 Merchandised Transmission - Manual 5 Speed Provisions
    MX1 Transmission - 3 Speed Automatic (RF15, RF77)
    M10 Transmission - 4 Speed Automatic (RT77), Isuzu, Electronic Converter Clutch
    M79 Transmission - Manual
    NA5 Emission System - Federal Requirements
    NB2 Emission System - California Requirements
    NO8 Fuel Filler Door - Remote Control (Canada)
    N65 Steering - Power
    N65 Tire - Space Saver
    PB3 Hubcaps - Covers & Retainers
    PF3 Wheel - 15 x 6.5, Aluminum
    PH4 Wheel - Styled (W/Turbo)
    PG4 Wheel - 14 x 5.5 Aluminum
    PG5 Wheel - 15 x 6 Aluminum
    QIF Tire - All P185/60R14/N BL R/PE ST ALS
    RBC Interior - Base Sportback
    RBD Interior - GSi
    RLR Engine - 1.6L 4L 12V SOHC
    RLX Engine - 1.8L 4L 16V DOHC
    RMC Automatic Transmission 3 Speed
    RML Automatic Transmission 4 Speed
    RSK Engine - 1.6L 4L 16V DOHC
    S1J Wheelcover - Full Size
    TT4 Headlamps - Halogen
    T43 Rear Spoiler
    T96 Lamp - Fog
    UF3 Sport Lamp (Map Reading Lamp)(Canada)
    UL0 Radio - AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Search Cassette, Auto, Clock, ETR
    UM6 Radio - AM/FM Stereo W/Cassette, Clock
    Radio - AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Cassette, Clock, ETR
    UM7 Radio - AM/FM W/Clock
    Radio - AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Clock, ETR
    UN0 Radio - AM/FM Stereo W/Cassette and CD Player
    UN3 Radio - AM/FM Stereo W/Cassette
    UP0 Radio - AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Search Cassette, CD, Auto, Clock, ETR
    UP4 Radio - AM
    U16 Tachometer
    U25 Lamp - Interior Rear Compartment Courtesy
    U29 Lamp - Interior Instrument Panel Courtesy
    U41 Low Fuel Warning (Canada)
    U58 Radio - AM/FM Stereo
    U66 Speaker System
    U69 Radio - AM/FM Stereo
    U81 Speaker System - Rear, Dual
    VG8 Vehicle Buyer Notice Label
    VK3 License Plate Front Mounting Package
    VV5 Air Conditioning - Manual (Port of Entry Installed)
    VV6 Cruise Control (Port of Entry Installed)
    X69 Parcel Shelf - Rear
    ZO2 Turbo Package
    Z7A Model Conversion Sunfire (Canadian Pontiac)
    Z49 Canadian Mandatory
    23I Interior Trim Light Blue
    53A Wheel - 14 Inch 5.5JJ Styled
    6MP Outlet - Extra Electrical
    6PX Rocker Skirt
    76A Wheel - 5.5JJ Black Styled
    87A Wheel - 15 Inch 6JJ Aluminum Spiral
    88A Wheel - 15 Inch 6JJ Aluminum Dish (Canada)
    9SK Wheel - 14 Inch 5.5JJ 6 Spoke
    9SS Wheel - 14 x 5.5 Aluminum Spoke Silver
    90I Interior Trim Medium Smoke Gray

    NOTE: Items marked "Canada" or "RX" indicate Asuna Sunfire model, distributed in Canada and handled by GM alongside the Geo Storm.

    NOTE: Some option codes appear to be standardized GM options for items that never appeared on the Geo Storm. These codes may have been included as an indication of possible options planned, but never implimented.

    Color Code Table

    Color Code Exterior Color Interior Color
    40U White Blue
    81U Bright Red Gray
    12U Silver Metallic Blue
    41U Black Gray
    42U Turquoise Metallic Gray
    35U Flash Yellow Gray
    47U Dark Blue Mica Blue
    27U French Blue Mica Blue

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