Crash Safety

NHTSA Vehicle Aggressivity Study

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study on vehicle aggressivity, which included the Geo Storm. Vehicle aggressivity is defined within the document as the propensity of a vehicle to inflict injury upon the occupants of other vehicles in the event of a crash.
    The conclusion of the study was, as could be expected, that vehicle weight, size, and wheel base, all contribute to vehicle aggressivity. Or, in simple English, a larger, heavier car will cause larger numbers of injuries to the occupants of other vehicles that it hits.
    The Geo Storm scored expectedly low (in the bottom 25%) in all measurements of inflicting injury to the occupants of other vehicles.

Safety Recalls

    Automobile Magazine's website and Automotive.Com list several safety recalls for the Geo Storm.

    • Front Seat Recline/Release Button Pinch Hazard - November 16, 1989 - 89V203000
        Seat back release button does not have a guard to prevent a finger from accidentally poking into the mechanism when the button is pressed. There is a hazard of pinching or cutting the finger.
        Remedy - GM recall updated the seat to the newer release button.
    • Steering Wheel Hub Fracture (Air Bag Related) - July 6, 1992 - 92091001
        In the event of a frontal collision, the steering wheel base may fracture. This could cause loss of vehicle control or reduce the effectiveness of the airbag.
        Remedy - GM recall installed a reinforcing plate between the steering wheel and the steering wheel nut.
    • Front Seat Belt Button - May 24, 1995 - 95V103007
        Front seat belt buckle may become ineffective if debris falls into the mechanism, or if the button breaks and pieces of the button fall into the mechanism.
        Remedy - GM Recall replaced the front seatbelt buckles.
    Check with your local Chevrolet dealership to make sure these recalls have been performed on your vehicle. The dealer service manager will run your VIN number through the GM computer system, and will check the records to see which recalls apply to your specific vehicle, and if the service for those recalls has been performed.

    Owners and mechanics utilizing used parts should be cautious about using salvage yard parts to replace these items, because they may be from a car that did not have the redall service (replacement) performed.

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